Pay per click (PPC) rules

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the benefits we offer at Green-Fever as part of our Affiliate Memberships to help motivate affiliates for the effort they put into their marketing.

We have however set out a few rules to ensure that this benefit is used in the right ways.

  1. Each affiliate can earn up to the value of their monthly subscription fee back through the PPC benefit monthly without having to make a sale. Any additional clicks or excessive clicks without a sale will be unpaid.For example, if your monthly premium is R49-00pm you can earn up to R49-00 back from unique clicks on your link without having to make a sale.
  2. All members on the free package can only cash out their click earnings once they have made sales and accumulated commission to the value of R100,00
  3. All clicks are monitored, and Green-Fever reserve the right to limit pay-outs on clicks where any of following actions are visible:
  • Click Hunting – Where it become evident that a user is just chasing clicks with no intend to generate a lead or a sale. Example of this would be where an Affiliate link is placed in a post or ad with an image without any description of the product. Please note that you can get the product description, from each product you would like to market, from the website.
  • False Marketing – We are a legit business and not a get rich quick scheme and would therefore not allow any false marketing. You can use any phrases from our website or check out our marketing guidelines provided during sign up.
  • Excessive Clicking – Multiple clicks from the same IP address will be unpaid. As we would like to support you in your marketing efforts, we will review these figures should there be sales generated after multiple visits from prospective customers.
  • Paid Clicks – Paid Clicks are allowed when products are marketed through reputable Marketing pages eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. however making use of websites and apps that promotes clicks eg. click view or similar pages are not allowed and can lead to your account being suspended.

What is a unique click?

A click from one IP address that is not repeated more than 3 times.

Thank you for your understanding and participation.

Kind regards

The Green-Fever Team