Green-Fever is a well-established business built for entrepreneurs who want to create a better future. We offer a wide range of products including but not limited to Essential Oils, Humidifiers, Nasal Inhalers, Health & Beauty products along with a very compensating payment plan.

Receive your own affiliate dashboard with access to multiple income streams. Earn up to 40% commission on online sales on our multilevel payment plan.

Receive access to all our marketing material and images.

Build your own network of clients / affiliates and earn lifelong commission from your clients / affiliates whenever they purchase new products.

No purchasing of products upfront unless you want to. We deliver nationwide directly to you or your client.

Other Benefits

  • Lifetime Commissions – Visitors makes a conversion through your affiliate link, their account is linked to you for Lifetime.
  • Sign-Up Referrals (CPL) – Receive fixed commission for every sign-up through your affiliate link (this may vary from time to time as communicated).
  • Pay Per Click (CPC) – Earn a fixed amount for every visitor that click on our site through your own affiliate link (this may vary from time to time as communicated).
  • Bonus On Ranks – Receive a fix amount if promoted through ranks (this may vary from time to time as communicated)
  • Product Links– Decide which products you want to promote and link directly to your own affiliate link.

Is there costs involved?

Yes. We offer affordable affiliate packages with different benefits. You can view our packages and their benefits in our online store under “affiliate membership”

To complete your registration just add “Affiliate Membership” to your basket and check out!

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R49.00 / month
R199.00 / month
R99.00 / month

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