Please ensure you followed all below steps to become a reseller 

  1. Register
  2. Add Reseller package to cart
  3. Checkout & Pay
  4. Allow up to 24 hours to be activated on your reseller dashboard
  5. Lookout for your email “Your Green Fever Reseller Information
  6. Get Started

Ways to earn an additional income with us. 

1.Customer buys from you the reseller at retail price, You the Reseller buy from us at the discounted price

Benefits: You pay up to 40% less than our retail price. You don’t have to wait for your commission. We can deliver directly to you so that your customers can collect from you instead of us.

How it works

  • Customer buys from you at retail price.
  • You login to your reseller Dashboard on our website and place your order at our discounted prices.
  • We receive, process, and dispatch the order directly to you or your customer address, depending on what address was provided during the checkout process.
  • You/Customer receives the order

2. Customer buys through our website at retail price, you get 15% commission of the retail value of the order.

How it works

  • You provide customer with your unique reseller website link
  • Customer buys through that link.
  • We receive, process, and dispatch the order directly to the customer address provided during the checkout process.
  • We pay you 15% commission for the sale. (Commission is paid on the 1st day of each month)
  • Customer receives the order